The future of ecommerce is social

The challenge

To survive in the e-commerce space, you need that extra something. For the Swedish e-commerce giant Lyko, that extra something is investing in social functions.

Lyko is truly a success story - from zero to 632 million in sales in less than ten years. The company was founded by Rickard Lyko, who started selling hair care products online at small-scale, back in 2008. The business grew rapidly and today, at, there are over 40,000 products from 1,000 hair care and beauty brands, and the company also runs brick and mortar stores and hairdressing salons. About half the business is generated from online sales and half is generated from offline. - Award-winning site

At the Episerver (now Optimizely) Awards Nordic 2016, won “The best e-commerce website” award and the “The peoples’ choice” award. The big challenge for going forward is no longer a technical one.

- Creating a great-looking and fast website is reasonably easy today. The challenge is to communicate to customers why they should buy from us, says Rickard Lyko.

User-generated content is important

To drive traffic to the website and strengthen the brand, Lyko produces a lot of its own content, such as videos and the magazine “Lyko Magazine”. But that is not enough in the long run and creating content requires a lot of resources. This is why the next step for Lyko is to invest in user-generated content and build a social platform around the products. Already today, customers can comment, review, and send questions to customer service on every product page. The goal is to become the natural choice when searching for beauty products.

- Just like you start searching for information about products on Amazon in the US, you should start searching with us, says Rickard Lyko.

Personalization + social = true

The next step is creating personal flows, where customers can select products they want to follow and what friends they want to add. The ambition is not to become a new Facebook, but to fill a void that Lyko believes they can fill better than other social media.

- For example, we believe that many hairdressers and skin therapists will create content for us to promote themselves, says Rickard Lyko.

About Lyko's web solution

The digital commerce website uses a special solution where a large part of the content is generated on the server and pages are cached in the browser. This makes the website very fast, resulting in 40% page visits increase per session, and during Cyber Monday in 2016 the server response times was 90% faster compared to 2015.

46% of Lyko’s online customers prefer to buy on mobile and is completely responsive providing mobile visitors the same experience as desktop visitors.


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