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Optimizely Under the Hood Webinar Series: Managing Experimentation at Scale

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Building a high-performing and high-velocity program

To develop winning customer experiences - ones that resonate with your customers and help drive your business forward - you need to build experimentation into everything you do. But managing an experimentation program at scale can bring its own challenges. How do you get executive buy-in? Get more teams and operationalize your processes? Effectively share learnings and insights across your organization?

Join Optimizely’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, Claire Vo, and Experimentation Program Manager, Rebecca Bruggman to learn best practices for running an experimentation program at scale from the team running Optimizely’s program.

During this webinar, learn how to:

  • Get executive buy-in for your experimentation program
  • Manage the execution of your program across all your teams
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of your program by utilizing the right people, processes and technology