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Mesirow Financial is an 80-year-old investment services firm owned entirely by their 1,000-plus employees. Headquartered in Chicago, the company delivers their services globally, promoting authenticity and accessibility as their core brand pillars.

Mesirow wanted to provide a customer-centric digital experience that met several metrics. These included:

  • Replicating their new brand online
  • Reflecting the authenticity of their Midwestern roots
  • Providing clients with easy access to information
  • A user-friendly, mobile responsive site focused on customer solutions
  • Providing an expandable digital experience to customers while showcasing brand identity effectively.

Taking the Mesirow Brand Digital

Mesirow had already completed the task of creating a new brand offline. Now they had to make the brand come alive digitally. Optimizely’s solution was chosen for its ease of use and ability to deliver an authentic web and brand experience.

Mesirow appointed Optimizely Premium Partner Verndale to implement the solution. Verndale led the design and development work, along with Mesirow’s marketing team, and also trained the internal IT team on the new platform.

Seamless Integration with Operations

It was essential that Mesirow could securely sync the new digital assets with existing infrastructure critical to their daily operations. Utilizing Optimizely Connect for CRM, Mesirow connected the new environment with their Salesforce CRM, allowing website visitor data to be easily and safely stored.

Results and Future Scaling

Both Mesirow and Verndale are extremely satisfied with the experience of working with the Optimizely platform. The goals at the outset of the project were to launch a digital experience that was responsive, user friendly, focused on client solutions, and included robust analytics to help gauge and improve the experience going forward.

From Mesirow’s perspective, the new digital environment meets all of these goals and more. The company continues to expand their brand standards and evolve other facets of their digital presence. Looking ahead, Mesirow wants to continue to empower employees through digital innovation, so they can deliver even more value to customers.

One of the key website initiatives for the coming year is to launch a new intranet on the Mesirow site. The intranet will improve business processes, provide a seamless gateway to resources and knowledge, enable enterprise search, and ultimately enrich and empower employees.

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