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Migrating from SDL to Optimizely

Optimizely is recognized as a leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) by analysts thanks to our advanced capabilities in content, digital commerce, and personalization. If you’re struggling with SDL you’re not alone. Find out how easy it is to migrate to Optimizely .

Migrating from SDL to Optimizely

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This resource was created a while ago, so you might see 'Episerver' or any of our other brands show up. Episerver is now Optimizely



Many businesses are concerned about SDL’s lack of innovation, Poor user experience and shrinking partner network. So they look to us go offer the DXP that helps them build customer-centric digital experiences and drive revenue.

Our guide gives more information on why you should seriously consider a migration from SDL to Episerver.

How to deliver a seamless migration

We know that the thought of a migration will give you pause for thought. The grass can always look a little greener on the other side. That’s why we are now offering a Migration Accelerator Package that takes all the headache out of migration. Our package will support you at every stage to ensure that your data is securely transferred, and that any disruption is minimised.

The Migration Accelerator Package includes:

  • Data Migration Professional Services package, to ensure the seamless transfer of your core content data to Episerver Content Cloud.
  • Migration Training for Business Users, to provide your teams with the skills necessary to manage a streamlined migration project plan.
  • Recommended Episerver Partners trained in supporting migration projects with all the skills and experiences you require