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Reimagining Commerce Report 2020

For the fourth year in a row, Episerver has surveyed over 4,000 global online shoppers about their online consumer behavior and expectations. Download the report to understand consumers’ buying behaviors and learn how retailers are delivering customer-centric digital experiences as well as how other industries like healthcare, financial services and high-tech are implementing many of the same practices.

Reimagining Commerce Report

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Consumers crave personalization but no longer at the expense of their privacy

Following a year filled with fraud, breaches and data vulnerabilities, there is growing concern among consumers around their data privacy and security. As consumers grow wary of retailers that overstep boundaries, it’s crucial for brands to strike the right balance between respecting privacy and delivering personalized experiences for consumers across all generations.

Smartphones are the shopping malls of the millennial age

In today’s increasingly ‘digital-first, mobile-always’ world, it's become the norm for consumers to reach for their smartphones over their computers and tablets when they want to make a purchase. Mobile-native millennials default to smartphones when shopping online more than any other generation. In fact, no other age group broke the half mark for primary reliance on their smartphones, showing the sea change that has come to the retail sector in an era dominated by the “smartphone generation”.

Online shopping trends are transforming industries new and old

From online prescription refills to mobile check deposits, modern consumer expectations for seamless digital experiences have extended beyond the retail sphere and into the healthcare, financial services and high-tech spaces. And with consumers of all ages becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, opportunities abound for these industries to create deeper engagements with their customers.