Rocksbox Makes Business Decisions with Experiment Data


Conversion lift from new positioning


Increase in member feedback submitted


Rocksbox teams collaborating on experiments

Erin and the Rocksbox team improve member interactions with experiments and an insatiable appetite for feedback

In a constantly changing retail landscape, subscription offerings stand out as a bright spot in e-commerce innovation. Rocksbox has pioneered changing how women shop for jewelry, leveraging a combination of personal stylists and AI-driven recommendations. However, building relationships with prospective customers and educating them about the how-tos of a fundamentally new shopping model presents a number of challenges.

Erin O’Leary, VP of Marketing at Rocksbox, tackles ambitious growth goals by focusing on a strategy that will move the needle in the company’s acquisition costs and retention metrics. Through her iterative process of reshaping Rocksbox’s acquisition funnel and transforming their member feedback experience, she has been able to deliver show-stopping improvements to key business metrics and rally the broader company around an adventurous, innovative culture and formal experimentation goals.

Chipping Away At Acquisition Costs

The cost of customer acquisition is a near-universal marketer’s challenge. Since advertising costs are constantly susceptible to fluctuation, Erin focuses on controlling costs by increasing conversion rates once potential members reach Rocksbox’s site. “We have a cycle of analyzing site data and customer surveys, planning groups of experiments to solve problem areas of the funnel and then we prioritize and execute two-week experiments to tackle each part of the funnel,” Erin describes.

Project Facts
Rocksbox uses Web Experimentation