How Rusta gets 2.7 million visitors per month across Europe

Taking Sweden's most trusted low-price retailer to other countries brought an inspiring web experience into focus.

At a glance

  • 2.7 million visitors per month

  • More than 100 promotions each week

  • 3.7 million members in its shoppers club

Showcasing credibility through excellent digital experiences

Rusta’s vision is to become Europe’s leading and most trusted low-price retailer. In Sweden, where Rusta has been operating since 1986, the company already enjoys that position. The company has succeeded in doubling its turnover every five years, and the fastest growth is now occurring on new markets in Finland, Norway and Germany.

The growth is even more evident on the Rusta website, which receives an average of 2.7 million visitors per month. The markets outside Sweden now account for one third of this traffic.

On its website, Rusta aims to offer a digital user experience that reinforces the chain’s promise – “Great value for money” – while conveying the quality and excellent features of its product range. Most importantly, the idea is to show how good the products will look in the shopper's home.

“We give a lot of thought every day to how we can work with content, such as images, and focus more on the setting. We know that the feeling of quality will be enhanced if the customer feels inspired,” says Rickard Davebo, web manager at Rusta.

These insights lie behind the transition from mostly using pure product images to using more interior images to showcase the range, especially within Home Decoration and Garden.

Catering everyone’s online needs

The latest major web launch was largely about improved interaction design, and making finding and navigating even easier. Some new features were also added. Certain changes were made after feedback from the stores – store employees are also an important user group, since the website is one of their main tools.

The Rusta website is responsive and built on the basis of a clear majority of visits via mobile devices. That being said, the new website had a clear goal to improve the experience for visitors using a desktop computer.

“The wide format provides the greatest possibilities for images and working with inspiration, which is why desktop continues to be very important to us,” notes Rickard Davebo.


Retail and consumer

Product used


A 10-year partnership

As a specialty retailer, Rusta has a business model that involves constant online updates. Offers and promotions are central to merchandising, and it is crucial that the website is able to highlight these. Hundreds of promotions are in progress every week. It is therefore also important that day-to-day operations can be managed effectively. is integrated with the shoppers club, which has more than 3.7 million members and is managed through the Voyado loyalty system, as well as with the inRiver PIM system. There is also a link to the warehouse function in the business system.

Rusta has no in-house resources for web development, choosing instead to partner with Nexer, a partnership that has been going strong for over a decade. Optimizely Content Cloud  has been used as the web platform for the same length of time.

“The collaboration works really well, and there is continuity, even if the members of the team come and go. Nexer has several consultants with whom we’ve been working  for a long time and they know us inside out,” explains Rickard Davebo.

As Rusta plans the next step for its web platform, the focus is unwaveringly on design and visitor experience:

“One of our aims is to work more with new types of content and formats. These include the 3D tools that we’ve already started to use, there’s huge potential there,” says Rickard Davebo.



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