Sektor and Optimizely partner to increase speed and reduce bounce rates by 30%


Reduction in bounce rate


Growth in pages/per session


Growth in average session duration


Sektor specialises in delivering innovative and efficient technologies for the retail, networking, security, healthcare, ergonomics and mobility markets. Its services include state of the art order processing systems, sophisticated online portals where partners can buy online, manage dedicated inventory and access special pricing and streamlined and efficient warehouse system and logistics infrastructures. With its dedicated and highly knowledgeable team, Sektor has achieved rapid growth over the last 10 years and is a leading distributor, operating across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia.

When Sektor approached Optimizely it was already using a household name content management system, yet it found the platform to be clunky and the search function too slow for its customer’s needs. It needed to improve the speed of the search function and an eCommerce platform that was overall faster and offered a user-friendly experience that worked for its competitive customers.

The new solution also needed to be robust, scalable and able to handle its B2B offering while also delivering enterprise level functionality for its four websites. Features like business rules, database integration and pricing matrixes with multiple pricing tiers were essential and needed to include different access levels for different accounts and different pricing calculations.

Sektor did extensive research before contacting Optimizely and found the majority of the CMS systems available on the market wouldn’t work due to its extensive B2B requirements and scalability and their lack of flexibility.



Rolling out the solution

Optimizley B2B Commerce offered Sektor everything it needed from a solution perspective and was importantly within budget. 70% of the out-of-the-box features worked for its business and the other 30% involved some level of customisation from the Optimizely team.


Optimizley B2B Commerce offered an unparalleled solution and improved the business’ websites with the following features: Out of the box features: persona/customer management, sales rep profiles, pricing tiers, multi-warehouse stock rules, shipping matrix. Other major improvements came in the form of CRM integration, granular role management, and price matrix.

A key driver for Sektor was having a highly advanced elastic search engine: the first of our clients to be set up with this search option that is faster and offers a lot of site search feature such as advanced product attribution for search and product pages and search functions like splitting text into words, autocompletion, fuzzy search etc.

So far, Sektor has already seen great results with efficiency and improved search functionality and a 30% reduction in bounce rates (with mobile bounce rates reduced by 12%). Engagement has increased with a 17% growth in pages/per session and a 13% growth in average session duration.

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