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Staying Afloat

How to use Feature Management to ship better products

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The concept of “progressive delivery” using feature flags has taken the world of product delivery by storm, but what does this mean for enterprise software development and operations teams in terms of how they should change their technology and practices?

Like many things, the application of feature management in the enterprise setting is much easier said than done with disparate technology and teams around the world.

Join David Carlile, Optimizely’s Senior Director of Product Strategy, as he discusses the state of progressive delivery, the potential benefits and use cases unlocked by adding feature flags into the release management process, and how this leads to experimentation throughout your product delivery lifecycle.

In just 35 minutes, you will learn:

  • Key considerations for integrating feature flags into your development process
  • Case studies of best-in-class brands using feature management to mitigate risk
  • How experimentation helps product teams stay competitive in today’s digital world