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Tap into reality: post-Covid recovery for B2B commerce businesses

How successful B2B commerce businesses focus on digital buying experiences. Replay from our B2B Commerce Summit.

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After a tumultuous couple of years, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers face rapidly evolving challenges as they navigate a post-Covid market.

While COVID-19 has accelerated already-high buyer expectations, the fundamental challenges for B2B commerce businesses also remain. Barriers such as insufficient technology resources and less sophisticated back-office systems must be overcome in order to meet growing expectations and improve the digital buying experience.

In this webinar Optimizely and special guest speaker, Joe Cicman (Forrester Research) covered:

  • The key challenges facing B2B commerce business going into 2023
  • How to identify and act on the opportunities these challenges present
  • Potential paths forward for B2B manufacturers and distributors

Register now to watch the replay of this sessions from our B2B Commerce Summit. This webinar was recorded on September 7.


Josh Schoonmaker

Global VP, Product Management

Joe Cicman

Senior Analyst