Tata Communications sees 188% increase in CTR for repeat visitors

Fostering deeper relationship through Web Content Recommendations, Tata Communications see a rise in visitor engagement

At a glance

  • 188% increase in CTR for repeat visitors

  • 150,000 visitors profiled per month

Tata Communications is a leading provider of global digital infrastructure services. They deliver over 25% of the world's internet routes and 70% of all mobile operator networks. Clients include Fortune Global 500 companies such as Marriott International Inc., Cognizant and KLM Airlines. Tata Communications has over 60,000 unique monthly web visitors. The sheer volume of anonymous visitors and complexity of their website, with multiple product lines and thousands of content items, meant that creating a relevant onsite experience for prospects and buyers was a huge challenge at the individualized level. The company needed to understand their visitors’ intent so they could deliver a personalized onsite journey and improve lead generation. The challenge of manually building rules to achieve 1:1 personalization and better understand each site visitors’ intent meant the organization needed to turn to artificial intelligence to achieve efficiency and scale.

Tata Communications was looking for a solution that:

  1. Automated the delivery of relevant content 1:1 on their website and marketing campaigns
  2. Tracked the evolving interests and intent of buyers and exposed that data into their BI platform Microsoft Dynamics
  3. Reduced the time spent by the marketing team building automation rules + nurture journeys

Building intelligence on Episerver

Web Content Recommendations automatically ingests content from TATA’s website via a JavaScript tag and uses a form of AI called Natural Language Processing to extract all relevant topics and score their importance within the content.

As individuals consume content on the TATA’s website, Web Content Recommendations build unique, real-time interest profiles based on the topics contained within each piece of content and uses this to serve every individual the most relevant content on the Homepage.

Content recommendations (blog posts, PDFs, whitepapers, offers) are presented in “More For You” areas using the Web Content Recommendations JavaScript tag. No development or restyling of web pages is necessary and only content appropriate to the page context and desired date range is recommended to individuals as they browse.

Next in line

TATA will continue to deploy further Web Content Recommendations-powered personalization across their website and email programs. Their approach is to personalize geographically, then at the product/account level, and then at the individual level. Their program is truly market-leading and a great example of best in class onsite communication strategy leveraging AI.



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