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Test everything: TrustRadius delivers customer value with experimentation

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When done right, experimentation can help you validate the product you’re building and create winning customer experiences. And it doesn’t take a big engineering team to make this happen.

TrustRadius, the most trusted review site for business technology, uses experimentation to build an online community through website and server-side experimentation. The small but mighty TrustRadius team runs experiments throughout the buyer’s journey to engage different user personas and understand outcomes in real-time.

Watch the webinar recording featuring Rilo Stark, product manager at TrustRadius, and Jack Peden, senior software engineer, to understand their data-driven experimentation strategy and how TrustRadius uses Optimizely Web and Full Stack products to tailor experiences to different customer segments and mitigate risk through A/B/N and painted door tests.

Watch to learn:

  • How to test, learn, and iterate on the fly without heavy engineering support
  • Why TrustRadius switched from a limited website experimentation tool to Optimizely
  • When to use Optimizely for a website experiment vs a server-side experiment
  • How to build a strong product manager - engineer partnership