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The Digitalization of the Electrical Distribution Industry

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Electrical distributors rapidly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the digitalization of the industry. Research from EDA’s COVID-19 impact survey found that nearly 90% of wholesalers say external visitors must make an appointment, while phone calls and conference calls through tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams top the charts for means of engagement. Join Episerver’s Nazanin Ramezani and Richard Appleton, General Manager at the Electrical Distributors Association Data Services as they share research findings and advise companies on developing strong digital strategies.

This webinar will cover:

  • How the electrical distribution industry has digitally transformed
  • Research results from EDA’s Q4 COVID-19 Impact Survey
  • How to leverage a strong B2B ecommerce solution to keep the pace with the evolving industry
  • Spotlights on companies like Aggreko, Hisco and Steiner who are embracing digital and succeeding in our digital-first world