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The A/B testing guide for product development teams

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Test and learn is a new way to build products that deliver higher customer value. Experimentation empowers data scientists, product managers, engineers, and designers to create the best possible solutions for their stakeholders. These data-driven processes help teams hone in on key metrics and drive better outcomes.

The Experimentation Guide for Product Development Teams, shares expertise and practical frameworks from industry-leading companies like Indeed,, WSJ and Dropbox. Whether you are defining your north star metric, designing a feature, building backend logic, or optimizing your users' experience, this guide will give you the tools to drive your product goals using a Test and Learn approach.

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  • Creating habit-forming products
  • Aligning focus through a north star metric
  • Leveraging design principles that drive revenue and customer happiness
  • Building and deploying products confidently
  • Experimenting with features to optimize customer retention