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Product experimentation boot camp

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Challenge guesswork, opinions, and assumptions with real-time trusted data from product experiments with Optimizely’s Product Experimentation Boot Camp. This free on-demand training program will help you transform your decision-making into an evidence-driven process. In doing so, you’ll accelerate digital transformation, product innovation and revenue growth.

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  • Expert webinars: Maximize your site performance using progressive delivery and experimentation to deliver winning experiences.
  • The Executive’s Guide to Innovation: HBS Professor Thomke delivers highly motivational talks on the value of experimentation to help you gain leadership buy-in.
  • Experimentation in action: HelloFresh. Learn how one of the world’s leading meal kit providers uses experimentation to evaluate the impact of change before rolling out new features.
  • Playbook: Put Theory into Practice: Everything you need to know to gain value from experimentation and progressive delivery.
  • And more!