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The State of Experimentation webinar

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UK marketers feel the pressure to stand out, but they’re constricted by an archaic approach to digital marketing and delivering digital experiences.

Optimizely’s The Experimentation Culture report surveyed 200 UK-in house marketing executives, assistants, and managers to find out the reality for marketers to deliver first-class digital experiences in their respective firms. Although most firms seek to offer a digital experience like no other, many missed the importance of having the proper infrastructure and approach to enable the marketing team to transform the company’s digital experience and, in turn, drive growth.

In this webinar Joey Moore, Bryce Winkelman (Quantum Metric), and Chris Gibbins (Creative CX) will be sharing their insights and deep diving into the data of Optimizely’s recent report to discuss marketers’ overarching goals and how improving digital experience helps businesses grow.

In just 30 minute, you’ll also learn:

  • What are the current practices firms are using to deliver excellent digital experiences
  • Understand the mindset of UK’s future CMOs, the junior marketers
  • 5 ways for firms to embrace and encourage experimentation culture