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Unlocking Netflix-Like Digital Experiences in Banking with Jim Marous

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Financial institutions have faced unparalleled disruption, especially in digital. Are you prepared to embrace change and maximize the potential of your website, online banking and mobile channels? Binge-worthy, personalized content is not reserved for the Netflix’s of the world – even banks and credit unions can unlock this potential. In fact, when banks and credit unions combine the power of cloud-based infrastructure and personalization capabilities, they increase sales and engagement exponentially. Join Kevin Li, Sr. Director of Personalization from Optimizely and Jim Marous, co-publisher of The Financial Brand and host of the Banking Transformed podcast as they discuss how to achieve a new level of digital experience in banking. 




Kevin Li

Senior Director of Personalization & Analytics Strategy
Jim Marous

Jim Marous

Co-publisher of The Financial Brand and the owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report