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Building a Culture Rooted in Experimentation

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uShip is an online marketplace that matches consumer and business shippers with transporters. Over the past year plus, they have been working to build their experimentation program, both from a product and marketing perspective.

Through this focused program investment, uShip has increased their experiment velocity by over 450%, and has multiple product teams testing and using staged feature rollouts. All of this has minimized risk to product rollouts while ensuring customer adoption. It hasn’t always been easy, but they know that doubling down on experimentation is integral to their success.

In this webinar, Jamy Squillace & Brooks Lyford from uShip will share how they started an experimentation program from scratch, gained stakeholder buy-in, and are building a culture of experimentation, focused on testing everywhere.

Join us and learn:

  • How to build an experimentation program from the ground up
  • Best practices to balance product and client-side experimentation, leveraging Optimizely’s full platform
  • How to socialize experimentation throughout the organization and begin creating a culture of experimentation