Episerver Diagnostic Order Form 

This Episerver Diagnostic Order Form (“Agreement”) forms the agreement within the Episerver Content Diagnostic Demo Program as an electronic agreement between Episerver and Customer to reflect the parties’ agreement of the Customer's participation in the program.

By signing this Agreement, Customer enters into this Agreement on behalf of itself and, agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement and its specifications and terms of the program.

How to Execute the Agreement

  1. This Agreement consists of the following: Main body of the Agreement, Trial Terms & Conditions and Trial End-User Services Agreement (including all Appendices).
  2. To complete this Agreement, Customer must:
    - Complete the electronic form at the bottom of this page.
  3. What happens next?
    - Your signed contract is sent to Episerver Legal for countersign and finalizing of dates for agreement.
    - After countersignature, countersigned contract is sent back to customer signatory and sent to Episerver Order Management for provisioning process.
    - Episerver Onboarding team reaches out to customer for delivery of Diagnostic Trial Offer.

Note to customers: Please fill out the form properly, as incorrect submissions will result in cancelled forms. Make sure you are properly filling out your "Customer Name" on the contracts, and not your personal information. This contract should reflect your organization and not be built for you, the individual. 

To sign the agreement, please click on the link: Content Diagnostics Order Form