Deliver targeted experiences in real time

Optimizely Web Personalization provides everything you need to deliver tailored experiences across every customer touchpoint.

Being personal is no longer optional.

Your customers expect experiences to be tailored to them wherever they interact with you. Start giving your customers what they want and grow revenue for your business without relying on an army of analysts or engineers.

This is where Optimizely Personalization steps in.

Experience for shoe shoppers

Show new shoe styles to visitors who previously browsed shoes.

Experience for cold-weather shoppers

Show jackets and sweaters to your visitors in cold weather locations.

Personalization lets you keep up with evolving customer demands

Deliver targeted content in real time

Translate what you know about your customers into revenue. Identify interesting behaviors with visual tags — no developers necessary. Connect that browsing behavior, demographic information, contextual clues, and 1st- and 3rd-party data into a complete picture of your customer that you can use to power personalized experiences.

Make decisions backed by results you can trust

No army of analysts required. Understand the impact of each campaign you run across your audiences in real time with results powered by our industry-leading Stats Engine. Increasing average order value, reducing acquisition costs — whatever your goal, Personalization is designed to help you reach it with measurable results you can understand.

  • Real-time behavioral targeting
  • Uploaded audiences for custom targeting
  • Easily manage and prioritize overlapping audiences
  • Performance measurement you can trust
  • Extend the visual editor with your own custom templates
  • Visual editor for easy updates
  • Compatible with mobile web and responsive sites
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Developer tools and APIs for maximum flexibility
  • Integrates with solutions you already use

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