Workshop: How to Use Powerful Feature Flags and Controlled Rollouts

with Asa & Justina

Join us for this hands-on technical workshop, where you will learn how to strategically create feature flags in multiple development environments and roll them out to a subset of their customers. We’ll talk briefly about the possibilities feature flags open up, and then describe how to use best practices of visibility and accountability to align those different flags into a cohesive feature flagging system.

We’ll focus on the beginning of the product experimentation journey -- feature management and feature rollouts. When used strategically and thoughtfully, feature flags can be powerful tools in mitigating risk in your development cycle. Feature flags give us a high degree of control over the features we release — but what ensures we have a high degree of control over our feature flags?

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, July 29

Time: 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Where: Virtual

Programming Language: Javascript

Wednesday, July 29 at 10AM PT | 1PM ET

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Justina is the Developer Evangelist Lead at Optimizely. Prior to joining Optimizely, Justina worked at Dashbot as a developer evangelist, where she educated people on analytics for conversational interfaces. She studied Business at U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business and is passionate about data visualization and pizza, occasionally both at the same time.

Justina Nguyen

Lead Developer EvangelistOptimizely


Asa is the Developer Advocate Lead for Optimizely. Prior to joining Optimizely, Asa worked at Microsoft as a software developer where he built the Internet Explorer site recommendation algorithm. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard University and is an avid breakdancer.

Asa Schachar

Principal Developer AdvocateOptimizely