[Webinar] Experimentation Excellence: It's time to think bigger

Where next? It's time to think bigger.

Are you already running experiments at scale and think there is nothing left to learn? Well, first of all congratulations. And second, think again.

Because when it comes to the number of experiments you run, more is always more. Join this webinar to find out why there are no limits to experimentation – and how you can keep on making tangible progress.

This webinar will show you

  • How to embed ownership of experimentation into each and every team.
  • How to keep the experimentation engine running with fresh and creative testing ideas
  • How to embed a winning experimentation culture across the entire business.

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Hazjier is a global expert in the field of digital experience optimization. He is Optimizely’s Global Director for Strategy & Value and has led consulting teams working with incredible companies, including Microsoft, IBM, H&M, eBay, the BBC, and more.

Hazjier Pourkhalkhali

Global Director, Value Consulting & StrategyOptimizely


Kenneth Kutyn

Senior Solutions EngineerOptimizely

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