Optimizely Under the Hood

Webinar Series

As market competition intensifies and business goals become more aggressive year over year, many teams within B2B organizations face challenges scaling and improving product experiences, while also optimizing the conversion funnel. In this webinar series, you’ll learn how cross-functional teams can use experimentation to drive conversions, increase engagement, and improve customer retention by scaling experimentation to all parts of the business. Join Optimizely's internal experts as we explore experimentation across engineering, product, and marketing lifecycles, and learn how our teams have used techniques like testing, personalization, feature flagging, and rollouts to improve our marketing efficiency and build better products:

Experiment-Driven Product Design

Tuesday, October 9th

Shane Fontane & Zach Leach

DevOps for Experimentation

Thursday, October 25th

Greg Burek, Elizabeth Eady, & Joy Scharman

B2B Personalization + Experimentation at Optimizely

November 13th

Takeshi Young & Michael O’Connell

Managing Experimentation at Scale

December 5th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST

Claire Vo & Becca Bruggman