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Full round-trip solution for Optimizely Marketing Automation and econda. Analyze your campaigns and import segments to Optimizely Marketing Automation.

$900 $1200 annually thereafter
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The econda integration lets you use Optimizely Marketing Automation and product data from econda in mailing campaigns. econda collects visitor activity data that you can use to create fine-tuned segments in Optimizely Marketing Automation, such as specifically addressing customers with abandoned shopping carts in a remarketing campaign.

The econda integration allows bi-directional exchange of mailing and actionable data. To access exchanged data, you first need to implement econda on your website. The econda data is updated daily in Optimizely Marketing Automation, available for use in regular mailings, transactional mails and for Marketing Automation. You may need a proper econda product for a fully functional integration.

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