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Create visual, animated, interactive content on your existing website. Embed seamlessly into Optimizely. Publish with a click.

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Weld is a content creation tool that makes it easy to embed interactive content and animations into Episerver. It allows Episerver users to create more diverse forms for web content and do online visual merchandising, without involving frontend web developers. Weld makes marketers more agile, while freeing up IT resources. FREE-FORM DESIGN TOOL Weld’s visual content creator is like PowerPoint but for the web, where you can design anything you want. EMBED IN YOUR WEBSITE Integrate Weld with your Episerver site in 5 minutes. Seamless and SEO-optimized. RESPONSIVE DESIGN Design for any device. High-res images are optimized for every screen. INTERACTIVITY AND ANIMATIONS Create web animations and user interactions with Weld’s unique interactive content tool: the Weld Action Blocks. ANALYTICS, A/B-TESTING AND SCHEDULING Analyze and optimize your visual content. Run A/B tests to find the e-commerce campaign that converts the best. COLLABORATE WITH YOUR TEAM Real-time collaboration similar to Google Docs. Work more efficiently as a team. USE CASES: Online visual merchandising Web campaigns and hero content on the start page. Campaign landing pages. Interactive product guides and galleries.

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