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Commerce Strategy Review

Part of the B2B Commerce Summit 2022

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Both manufacturers and wholesale distributors agree: no industry is changing faster than theirs.

Customer loyalty is no longer solely based on long-term relationships. B2C expectations are spilling into B2B. Customers seek the ability to buy in a way that matches their needs. Purchase availability must include branch-based options; quick order and re-order options must be readily available; real-time pricing is a must. Competitors are embracing digital transformation to improve internal operations and optimize collaboration up and down the supply chain.

B2B and B2B2C companies need a commerce strategy and a technological infrastructure that will keep them competitive in this changing landscape.

In this session, Josh Schoonmaker discussed:

  • The latest trends affecting B2B business digital strategies
  • Top requirements for your B2B commerce program to win over buyers
  • Optimizely’s unique position in the B2B commerce landscape

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