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Dear Alex,

I know I can sound like a broken record when I talk about how inefficient it can be for teams—marketing included—to work in different silos. But I didn’t think you’d go out and buy Welcome, an entire company, just to fix the problem!

In a word, thanks. Your empathy and investment in the marketer experience is a great holiday gift to my team!

Now we’ll be able to work smarter and have more fun. With all the logistical parts of our jobs handled by Welcome, we can keep the brand consistent and relevant, and work faster.

I know that you are a fan of rapid results. You’re always dropping by my desk with new ideas and asking (sometimes later the very same day!) when you can expect to see them come to life. With Welcome, we can get campaigns out the door faster. (Still probably not within 24 hours, FYI. But a lot faster.)

Remember what we did with our own website? We launched a new front-end visual experience and a completely new backend architecture across 6,000 pages of content in 120 days across 80+ different business stakeholders. That was fast! With Welcome, we’ll be even faster.

With Welcome, we can also connect digital customer experience insights to our own workflows so our marketing strategies factor in the latest recommendations. So now you can always check in on our progress on Welcome and see exactly how we’re folding in all our customer insights. You know I’m always available to answer your texts or calls (often when I’m cooking dinner! ;-) but know that you can always take a peek at our progress via Welcome, leave us feedback, and we can move on it right away.

With Welcome, we have an ability to connect the entire Marketing team together to collaborate and experiment across multiple segments so experiences can get better over time. That means that as we optimize process we can also optimize creative talent. From here on out, process will enable creativity, not get in the way of it.

And in a global hybrid work environment, investing in the marketers’ experience is even more crucial to improve productivity, health and well-being.

Other marketers will be envious of this empathy from the top. Lucky for them, they won’t have envy for long.

Now that Welcome is a part of Optimizely, marketers everywhere can streamline their workflows and work just as efficiently as us.

Thank you, Shafqat, Welcome and Alex, for letting marketers have fun again!

Yours truly, Kirsten

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