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From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest

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Over the past two decades, digital has proved itself to be the focal point for the most exciting, innovative and disruptive commercial and social initiatives to impact how we shop, connect, build relationships, become more efficient and grow our businesses.

This survey report has been designed to be a pulse check of where we stand in 2022, after many years of discussing the concept of digital transformation as a strategic goal to enable these benefits.

It asks how far we have come, whether we feel equipped for an uncertain, dynamic and exciting future, and, most importantly, where we go next to discover, create and optimize differentiating digital product experiences that benefit our customers and audiences, our organizations, and our wider environment.

This survey was produced by Netcel, Siteimprove and Optimizely – alongside research partner, London Research.

We also want to thank the 300+ respondents who took part in the survey, and expert commentators, who brought their wisdom, perspective and insights to help make sense of the findings and provide some advice on how to move forward with positivity, confidence and clarity.