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Get your campaigns out the door faster using Optimizely's Marketing Orchestration

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Du må oppgi kontaktinformasjonen din for å få tilgang til dette innholdet. Dette betyr at vi av og til inviterer deg til Optimizely-arrangementer og webinarer og sender deg bransjeinnsikt og produktnyheter.

Optimizely lagrer og behandler dine personlige data slik vi har beskrevet det i vår Personvernerklæring. Du kan trekke samtykket ditt når som helst.

Join Welcome’s CEO, Shafqat Islam to learn more about our recent acquisition! 
Marketers today look at emails, spreadsheets, calendars, Kanban boards, Slack, Asana and so on, jumping from platform to platform. Join this session to understand how you can have all of this in one workspace. 
A space to manage digital assets & campaigns with calendar views, a space to assign tasks and inspect resourcing, through to crafting your content with a customisable approval workflow to mitigate risk of recalling content.  
A one-stop-shop, where you can, with a push of a button, distribute approved content for printing and other channels. We’ll also give you a sneak peek of Welcomes orchestration and DAM capabilities already integrated with our CMS. 

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Shafqat Islam