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[On-demand] How to build a robust data-led testing strategy

Tap into the potential of data-driven experimentation.

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In recent years, the exciting potential of experimentation has become the center of attention for brands across all industries—searching for a way to remain agile in today's unpredictable digital landscape.  

However, many of them still struggle with optimizing their experiments and are forced to deal with time-consuming tests and unreliable test results. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Optimizely, Google Cloud and FullStory experts, who shared their key insights on leveraging data and designing a robust testing strategy.  

Explore how evidence-based experimentation can help you eliminate guesswork from your tests and empower your teams with intelligent decision-making. 

In this recording you’ll learn to:    

  • Eliminate wasteful testing with pre-test planning 
  • Build a data-driven experimentation strategy that helps you prioritize tests with the biggest impact 
  • Optimize the buyer’s journey with experience analytics that unveil the reasons behind customer behavior. 

Discover how you can elevate your experimentation with data. Watch our on-demand webinar now. 

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Evan Michner

Head of Product, FullStory
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Hans Fleurival

Strategic ISV Sales Specialist, Google Cloud
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