The path to adaptation

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CEO Alex Atzberger launches Opticon21 and celebrates Optimizely as he world's largest digital laboratory, showing post-pandemic examples from Monterey Bay Aquarium. With customer and digital experiences converging, digital experience platforms need to enable customer insights and constant intelligence that make sites relevant. Stop making assumptions about your customers—start continuously testing and learning. Optimistic leaders will continue to rethink how they operate in the digital space, whether they are in distribution, ecommerce or retail spaces. Experimentation can grow businesses and adapt to the needs of customers, everywhere. 

Hear from Dawn Baker, Head of Platform Engineering at Fitbit about how they shifted into a services model armed with customer insights. Learn how Fitbit orchestrated viewpoints across teams in order to test hypothesis and design experiments that prove how value is added to products. Consider ways to operationalize experimentation culture and iterative testing. 

Listen in on Shane Paladin, CEO of Siteimprove and Alex's discussion around maximizing content and adapting to customer needs. Using an adaptive platform like Optimizely enabled Siteimprove to focus in on the most relevant and inclusive content possible, with over 700 joined customers.