Episerver Reintroduces Itself as Optimizely with Strategic Rebrand Focused on Optimizing Every Digital Experience

Leading digital experience platform provider launches Optimization-as-a-Service, empowering brands to unlock their digital potential


NEW YORK, January 27, 2021 - EpiserverTM, today announced it has rebranded to OptimizelyTM, following its acquisition of the business last year. Rooted in a proud heritage as a customer-centric digital experience platform (DXP) and Experimentation leader, the new brand reflects the endless innovation potential of digital experiences. It takes a data-driven, digital-first approach to drive forward the company’s mission: to empower people to unlock digital potential – unleashing them to create and optimize excellent experiences that result in outsized outcomes. 

“Digital experience is a journey without a finish line,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. “Ultimately, our customers want to innovate and use data to confidentially create and optimize every customer experience based on actual outcomes. The Optimizely brand very much galvanizes this vision and uniquely positions us to define the future of DXP market.” 

Supporting this vision through best-in-class technology, Optimizely today is launching Optimization-as-a-Service. This new offering combines targeting, testing and recommendations - bringing together the leading solutions from Optimizely Web and Episerver Content Recommendations. Partners like Perficient, Rightpoint and Kin + Carta across the globe are expanding their practices to offer optimization. Over the course of 2021 Optimizely will launch content-as-a-service, the first fully headless DXP and revolutionary authoring and editing capabilities. 

Bringing together robust capabilities for data, content, commerce and optimization, Optimizely empowers brands to unlock behavior-based decision-making, confident creation and outsized outcomes. Optimizely now offers an even stronger combination of user and site level data, tied with omni-channel experimentation insights – giving marketers, merchandisers and developers the advanced analytics they need to understand what is happening in each experience as well as how to continually optimize it. 

“We’re pleased to see Episerver make the shift to become known as Optimizely; elevating an already well-known brand with a benefit to create, connect and optimize the customer experience across a growing number of digital channels. This move represents a differentiator for the company in the digital experience market,” said Marci Maddox, Research Director, Digital Experience Strategies, IDC. “The value optimization brings to the digital experience is often underestimated, and the new Optimizely brand gives the company an opportunity to marry creative personalization with data-driven optimization techniques. The digital experience services market is evolving quickly, and there is significant opportunity for Optimizely to be a leader in the space with its data-driven approach to optimizing every experience along the customer journey.” 

In 2020, Episerver and Optimizely recorded record double-digit revenue growth, supporting go-lives for more than 250 customers. The company also landed major customer wins including Microsoft, Atlassian, KLM and the Wall Street Journal. The fourth quarter marked accelerated growth for the companies DXP offering in particular, with Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud and Content Cloud seeing more than 20% growth. Episerver and Optimizely plan to hire 40+ new employees per month through the first half of 2021 to fuel the companies continued rapid growth. 

Om Optimizely

Optimizely hjelper virksomheter med å skape unike digitale opplevelser for sine kunder, med målbare forretningsresultater. Optimizely Customer Digital Experience Platform ™ kombinerer innhold, e-handel, data og personaliseringstjenester i en enkelt plattform som gir en 360 graders tilnærming til digitale tjenester - fra intelligent optimalisering og personalisering til lead-generering og konvertering med støtte for gjenkjøp. Alt levert med enestående enkelhet for redaktører og markedsførere.

Optimizely, som sitter i sentrum av økosystemet for digitale opplevelser, gir virksomheter muligheten til å omfavne nye trender og strategier for transformasjon og levere enestående opplevelser for sine kunder, både for det som skjer av interaksjon og transaksjon - uavhengig av hvilken kanal kunden engasjeres i.