Aged Care and Disability Support Marketplace, Mable, Chooses Optimizely for Greater Agility and Scale

Experimentation to underpin future product development for care and support community

Sydney, NSW - December 15, 2020 – Optimizely, an Episerver company, today announced that Mable, a safeguarded online marketplace that enables consumers to find, connect with, and directly hire independent support workers, nurses, and therapists, has chosen Optimizely to enable experimentation as part of the company’s product development.

Mable raised $15 million in early 2020 in a funding round led by Ellerson Capital.

According to Piroksa Bisits-Bullen, Data Science Director at Mable, improvements in speed to market and productivity drove the selection of Optimizely. “With Optimizely, we can not only run more experiments, but our data science team no longer needs to hand-hold experiments. We can test the impact of changes on other areas of our business like contact centre volume and frequency of enquiries.”

“Optimizely is proud to be working with Mable to help improve the matching of the elderly or those living with a disability with suitable carers and services more quickly and effectively thanks to our platform,” said Simon McDonald, Managing Director APAC, Optimizely. “Mable now joins brands like THE ICONIC, The Country Road Group, Kmart and Appliances Online as part of the Optimizely Asia Pacific region expansion.”

“Optimizely enables a/b/n testing, lightning fast bucketing of users and an easy way for our product managers to view results real time - many other tools aren’t as robust,” said Bisits-Bullen. “We have rapidly changing customer needs and Optimizely has the agile, flexible platform to be able to adapt to those changes.”

Key in Optimizely’s selection was high levels of flexibility, faster and easier experiment setup, and no impact on the speed of Mable’s channels. With over 100,000 people accessing its platform each month, Mable has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. Recent funding will improve data science and machine learning capabilities that underpin the marketplace.

Optimizely’s integration with Salesforce also figured in Mable’s selection. Says Bisits-Bullen, “Our customers may be accessing the website via screen readers. Insight into that behavior provides our customer service team with important details about the customer’s digital experience and how we can better assist them. And that’s very important to us.”

Optimizely enables Mable to run experiments across its website, mobile app and algorithms, empowering staff to iterate on, and improve, the user experience and customer journey.

“Social responsibility and assisting people in the Asia Pacific region is important to everyone at Optimizely,” said McDonald. “We are proud to support Mable to help members of our community safely get the assistance they need. I am excited to see how Optimizely can help Mable develop its programs even further to better serve our community.”

For more information email or call (02) 8379 0542.

Om Optimizely

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