Openpay Partners with Optimizely for a Secure, Scalable and Sophisticated Experimentation Solution

Sydney, NSW – September 7, 2021 – Optimizely today announced that Openpay, a leading provider of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services across Australia & New Zealand, has selected Optimizely to power its experimentation program.

Founded in Australia in 2013, Openpay has had large aspirations for growth since. Openpay differentiates itself from other BNPL providers by offering a unique software solution that allows companies to manage trade accounts end-to-end including applications, credit checks, approvals and more. By providing an affordable, scalable and low-risk service, Openpay appeals to businesses with long-term contracts to manage their accounts.

With a high demand in the market, Openpay marked its presence in the UK in 2019 and furthered its expansion to the US in the following year. Openpay has been performing exceptionally well for consecutive years. In 2020, it saw an increase of 64% in revenue year-on-year, due to the strong growth in the Australian and UK markets. 

Despite its success, Openpay acknowledges that there's always room for improvement. In a highly competitive industry, Openpay wants to improve the experience it is offering to its customers by testing and learning on multiple channels and easily releasing new features without consuming unnecessary additional resources.  

"Choosing Optimizely was a no-brainer for us," said Jussi Nunes, Chief Financial Officer at Openpay. "Together with the developers, marketing team and myself, we agreed that Optimizely's features outweighed all other services out there,” he added.

Optimizely enables Openpay to experiment across all customer touchpoints. Based on customer insights, Openpay can now quickly create an excellent digital experience, without affecting website and app performances. Optimizely also enables Openpay to not only confidently build and launch new features, but also measure the impact of every release to customers. 

Beyond technology, Openpay was looking for a platform with security, scalability, and ease of use.

"Optimizely is a great investment for us because it's PCI compliant and easy to use. We love the fact that everything is on a single platform, and despite its simplicity, Optimizely is sophisticated enough for us to scale. It covers all bases without being too complicated." Rolen Chetty, CX Design of Openpay, added.

Even though Openpay is new to experimentation, it is focused on building a culture of experimentation across the organisation and is encouraging teams to implement new ideas regardless of their background or department.

"Experimentation has become more and more important for a business to grow and innovate, and we're so excited to work with Optimizely,” said Jussi. “It's essential for us to lay these imperative foundations within the organisation, so that Openpay and Optimizely can work in tandem to continue to build this culture of experimentation that will accelerate our business forward."

In the Asia Pacific region, Optimizely is working with brands including Cotton On, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, The Iconic, ZipMoney and now Openpay.

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