Showpo Chooses Optimizely to Reach New Heights in Experimentation

Sydney, NSW - June 25, 2021 - Today Optimizely, the digital experience platform company, announced that Showpo has chosen Optimizely to power their experimentation program going forward. Showpo is one of Australia’s large online fashion retailers and has a vision to be “her go-to place to shop”.

With over 4 million followers across social media, Showpo has become a highly influential brand, selling an abundance of products including clothing, accessories, footwear and beauty products. Showpo is growing rapidly around the world, a clear outcome of their customer-obsessed approach.

Knowing that there is always room for improvement, this year Showpo is prioritizing the ramp up of their experimentation program and has selected Optimizely as their trusted partner. With a target of dedicating 20-25% of developer resources each week to experimentation. Showpo is confident that Optimizely will help them deliver outstanding results.

“We are very much looking forward to engaging in a new way of testing. Before its acquisition by Episerver, Optimizely was known for its impeccable reputation in the market as the best experimentation platform, making our decision an easy one,” said James Waldie, Chief Financial Officer at Showpo. “Here at Showpo, we want to be testing everything before making a decision, and know that Optimizely, even in this next phase of growth as a broader digital experience platform, will enable us to make that happen.”

To better serve their customers across every step of the digital experience, in every region and with every segment of their evolving customer base, Showpo has looked to Optimizely to uncover the exact experiences their customers want. With Showpo customers all over the world, Optimizely can also help to enable country-based customizations and improve the experience for those shopping both near and far.

“Optimizely not only offers the greatest speed, efficiency and accuracy but they also have the strongest support, located in Sydney,” said Mitul Lakhani, Showpo’s Head of Digital Product. “This is highly important for us to run a successful program - having the expertise and support we need within close reach.”

Showpo has created a testing roadmap which they’ll use Optimizely to execute and deliver on the experiments. Their biggest priorities include personalization, segmentation, funnel optimization and experimenting in international markets.

“At Showpo, we’re supercharging our experimentation program and Optimizely is the secret sauce - we cannot wait to see how Optimizely will impact our growth over the coming year” said Hayley Martin, UI/UX Manager at Showpo.

Optimizely is working with a large number of retailers in Australia including THE ICONIC, Country Road Group, Kmart and now Showpo.

“We are seeing a huge demand for Optimizely from online retailers in the APAC region. Showpo is a brand we are very proud to be working with - they are leading the way for brands in the ecommerce space. We are excited to be partnering with them on their experimentation journey” said Simon McDonald, Managing Director of Optimizely APAC.

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