Sweat Works Out Experimentation with Optimizely is the Way Forward

Sydney, NSW – September 7, 2021 – Optimizely today announced that fitness company Sweat has selected Optimizely to further its impact and reach in the health and fitness sector, through the power of experimentation.

As an innovative personal workout technology company, Sweat provides a platform for its community and connects women with world-leading trainers, content and products. One of its core focus areas is the mobile app that uses data-driven insights to provide personalised solutions, delivering impactful results to its customers.

With its early success, Sweat is planning to expand into more markets, and it wants to do so as efficiently and effectively as possible. Josh Volk, Head of Product at Sweat said, "Entering new markets and serving new audiences will be an exciting challenge for Sweat. We are now equipped to test and learn quickly, and proactively make changes to the experience depending on the market's demand."

Optimizely will now enable the improvement and optimisation of Sweat’s customer experience at speed. Josh said, "It's about empowering women through fitness – that’s our mission at Sweat. We want to help our customers by limiting the barriers to working out and being active. To make this as easy as possible, we are focused on creating a deep understanding of what their demands are so that we can deliver to these and provide an outstanding all round customer experience." 

Prior to Optimizely, a huge limitation of Sweat’s in-house experimentation program was the inability to perform A/B testing on certain content types and experiment at the velocity needed. When Josh heard about Optimizely Intelligence Cloud, he knew it'd be a game-changer and the answer to the very problem that needed to be solved. Josh said, "Optimizely Intelligence Cloud equips us to test and learn with velocity across all of our digital assets and channels - to the complete extent that we’d like. This is incredibly important for Sweat to scale".

Experimentation remains an essential agenda for Sweat and now it’s looking into expanding the program. Josh said, "We want to streamline processes across the business through experimentation, and this will consequently enable us to make smart business decisions - based on data."

Optimizely works with various brands in the Asia Pacific such as Cotton On, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, The Iconic, Openpay and now Sweat.

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