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Our hosting provides all services and resources required for an Episerver-based website containing IP access, firewalling, backup, hardware, Microsoft licensing, antivirus and monitoring applications. You have tailored monitoring of critical features covering availability and performance of the website. The result is presented in a user-friendly management dashboard. All of our hosting services come with a managed security package based on leading products for antivirus and firewalling.

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Load Balanced
Two load-balanced, virtual front ends + one virtual dedicated database.
  • SLA 99.6% (24/7)
  • Data transfer: 600 GB / month
  • Data storage: 300 GB

23000 SEK startup

25300 SEK/month

A single virtual, dedicated server
  • SLA 99.5% (24/7)
  • Data transfer: 300 GB / month
  • Data storage: 100 GB

5750 SEK startup

10000 SEK/month

A single website on a shared server
  • SLA 99% (24/7)
  • Data transfer: 10 GB / month
  • Data storage: 3 GB

3500 SEK startup

3600 SEK/month