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Opticon 2015

June 17 & 18 | Pier 27, San Francisco

The premier event for the experience optimization and testing community

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Take your optimization program to the next level

Join the discussion around the future of optimization, gain first hand access to the Optimizely team and major product updates, and leave with new strategies, ideas, and contacts to take your program, team, and career to new heights.

Hear from world-renowned experts and industry leaders

Dan Siroker


Marc Andreessen


Michelle Levesque


Andrea Burbank


Eddie Hartman


Pam Webber


Patrick McGrath


Trevin Chow

Microsoft Store

Featuring speakers from:

Join the discussion around topics that matter most to you

Each Opticon session fits into one of four tracks. Use these tracks to find sessions that are most relevant to you – or mix and match for a more diversified experience.


How to integrate Optimizely with the products you already use as well as find new ways to enhance your current workflow.


How to create a culture that values and practices experience optimization every day.


Tips and best practices for incorporating experience optimization into your business strategy.


How to use Optimizely to create the best experiences for your users and customers.

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