That's a wrap for Opticon19 Europe

Thank you for joining more than 500 experimentation experts for a fantastic day of networking, inspiring keynotes, and more at Opticon19 Europe. You can relive the magic by watching the keynote recordings below.

Keynote Announcements


The Optimizely ROI Model

The Optimizely ROI Model created to empower experimenters. Infused with insights from millions of experiments, this approach is clear, flexible, and based on your data to meet your unique reporting needs.


All Product Announcements

Personalization and AI, our new ROI Model and On-Demand Services, new SDKs and out-of-the-box implementation for Optimizely Full Stack, and more from the Optimizely product team.


Performance Edge

Optimizely Performance Edge is a new capability to run blazing fast website experiments by moving key decisions to the Edge. Experiments render on average in less than 50ms.


Data Lab

For data teams looking to uncover deeper insights from experiments, this powerful solution includes enriched experiment data, analysis libraries, and a portable lab environment.

Featured Keynotes

Opticon19 Europe Product Announcements

Learn about the latest innovations in experimentation that will enable teams to create breakthrough customer experiences and unlock performance.

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The Power of Business Experimentation

Professor Thomke – from Harvard Business School – shows how unleashing experimentation at scale unlocks innovation and drives digital competitiveness.

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Taking your Experimentation Journey to the Next Level

In this session, Hello Fresh, TUI and FedEx talked us through how they ramped up their experimentation programs.

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