Master the Art of Experimentation

Participate in trainings to grow your skills and transform your optimization program at Opticon! Choose from half- and full-day training sessions that dive deep into Optimizely X and experimentation strategy, then prove your knowledge by getting Optimizely Certified. Pre-conference trainings will be held on Tuesday, October 17. Half-day courses cost $450; whole-day courses cost $850.

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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Experimentation Techniques

Take your testing to new heights with Optimizely X Web Experimentation’s advanced features. In this half-day course, you’ll learn how to create more targeted hypotheses; then use Optimizely’s audience integrations, visitor attributes, custom event tracking, and results segmentation, to execute on your experiment ideas. This course assumes you have already run several experiments in Optimizely X Web Experimentation and participated in Optimizely’s Academy or launch trainings.

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Beyond the Basics: Personalize Like a Pro

Make your experiences even more personal with Optimizely X Personalization’s advanced features. In this half-day course, you’ll learn how to utilize advanced tagging, behavioral targeting, and custom attributes to identify valuable audiences; then create custom results segments to analyze how different groups of visitors perform. This course assumes you have already run several campaigns in Optimizely X Personalization.

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Operationalizing Full Stack and App Experimentation for Product Managers

Experimenting within your app brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges. In this half-day course, you will learn how to identify the biggest opportunities for experimentation within your product roadmap. Then operationalize a practice of experimentation within agile release planning in order to experiment within every release. This training is suitable for users of Optimizely Full Stack, Mobile, OTT and Product Managers who own experimentation programs.

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Making the Transition from Optimizely Classic to Optimizely X Web Experimentation

So you've heard about Optimizely X, but haven't yet made the switch? In this half-day workshop, we'll guide you through the transition. With the help of our expert trainers, you'll update your snippet (no dev work required), instrument your website, and build and QA your first experiment in Optimizely X! .

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Experimentation Professional Certification: Build a Winning Experimentation Practice through People, Product, and Process

To achieve higher conversions and superior experiences, you need to do more than design great experiments. In this full-day certification path, you’ll learn how to run an end-to-end optimization program and create a broader culture of experimentation. From analytic techniques to user psychology to taking action on statistics, learn how to master the art and science of experimentation.

Become Optimizely Certified and Build your Professional Skills

Did you know that you can apply to be Optimizely Certified in Optimizely’s products and strategic skills? Being certified signals you are a leader in experimentation and certifies that you have developed a long-term, career-building skill set. You’ll receive a certificate for your accomplishment and some serious bragging rights. Register now to take the certification exam at Opticon for free!

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