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New Optimizely and Amazon Personalize Integration Provides More Opportunities to Customize Experiences at Every Digital Touchpoint

With experimentation and Amazon Personalize, customers can drive greater customer engagement and revenue

SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 16, 2020 – Today, Optimizely, the leader in progressive delivery and experimentation, announced the launch of Optimizely for Amazon Personalize, a machine learning (ML) service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easy for companies to create personalized recommendations for their customers at every digital touchpoint. The new integration will enable customers to use experimentation to determine the most effective machine learning algorithms to drive greater customer engagement and revenue.

Optimizely for Amazon Personalize enables software teams to A/B test and iterate on different variations of Amazon Personalize models using Optimizely's progressive delivery and experimentation platform. Once a winning model has been determined, users can roll out that model using Optimizely's feature flags without a code deployment. With real-time results and statistical confidence, customers are able to offer more touchpoints powered by Amazon Personalize, and continually monitor and optimize them to further improve those experiences.

Easier, Faster Personalization Without Manual Processes

Until now, developers needed to go through a slow and manual process to analyze each machine learning model. Now, with Optimizely for Amazon Personalize, development teams can easily segment and test different models with their customer base and get automated results and statistical reporting on the best performing models. Using the business’ KPIs with the new statistical reports, developers can now easily roll out the best performing model. With a faster process, users can test and learn more quickly to improve key business metrics and deliver more personalized experiences to their customers.

Personalized Experiences a Click Away

“Successful personalization powered by machine learning is now possible,” says Byron Jones, VP of Product and Partnerships at Optimizely. “Customers often have multiple Amazon Personalize models they want to use at the same time, and Optimizely can provide the interface to make their API and algorithms come to life. Models need continual tuning and testing. Now, with Optimizely, you can test one Amazon Personalize model against another to iterate and provide optimal real-time personalization and recommendation for users.”

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