Top 7 Reasons Adobe Target Customers Choose Optimizely

Adobe Target is holding you back. Join 20+ of the Fortune 100 companies who choose Optimizely to scale experimentation in a fraction of the time.


Experiment with the most performant platform

A/B testing could be slowing down your website. With Optimizely you get the best performance solutions for your experimentation needs. Performance Edge for Optimizely Web makes experiments run faster by processing in the edge (CDN) rather than in the browser. With a median load time of 50 milliseconds (faster than the blink of an eye), web experiments run more efficiently than ever. Experiment across all of your applications with our Full Stack SDKs with virtually no latency. When it comes to performance options, Optimizely is the best in the industry.


Test beyond the UI

Easily experiment with every part of your customer experience - from the front-end UI to the back-end data and business logic. Our robust client and server testing solutions enable you to optimize all aspects of the UX. Adobe Target has limited performant server-side testing with less SDKs and languages supported.


Optimize wherever your users are

Optimize experiences for web, mobile, TV, game consoles, and even IoT. Since we’re solely focused on experimentation, we add channels as they become popular. For example, setting up a Single Page Application (SPA) experiment is just like any other experiment in Optimizely. Adobe’s SPA support requires a different process, custom code, and extra service hour investments to implement.


Drive impact faster and with confidence

Optimizely’s Stats Engine provides real-time results without increasing the error rate. Adobe Target requires multiple prior set-up decisions, MDE and sample size calculations, and waiting until results can be viewed (or introducing major false-positive errors). Many Target users can’t wait that long, peek at results, and compromise experiment integrity. Wouldn’t you rather test faster, watch results real-time, with built-in error controls that give you confidence?


Partner with one of the largest teams of experimentation experts

Optimizely has one of the largest teams of dedicated digital experimentation experts in the world —over 350 people dedicated to product development, documentation, education, customer success, services, strategy and support. Experimentation IS Optimizely’s business. We succeed only when you do. Adobe has over 100 products listed on their website, and Target is not their core business. Who will care more about your digital strategy?


Make your developers happy

Optimizely Full Stack (server-side experimentation) open SDKs are available with 12 programming languages and in-memory implementation with no performance lag. Adobe Target’s server-side options only work in a few languages and are not built out with microservice options like Optimizely Agent.

Optimizely Extensions are reusable components developers build one time for things like modal dialogues, banners, and pop-ups. Non-technical teams then customize these extensions for each experiment on their own. Adobe Target requires custom coding and development resources for every experiment on these component types, with no ability to reuse modules.


Manage beyond sticky notes and spreadsheets

Optimizely Program Management makes it easy to collaborate, execute and report on hundreds (or thousands) of experiments. Users submit, prioritize, collaborate on and track experiment ideas in one place. Need an update in 1 hour? No problem with Optimizely. With Adobe Target, you manage via disjointed systems, spreadsheets & sticky notes. Need an update in 1 hour? Big problem with Target.