Asa Schachar

Asa is the lead Developer Advocate for Optimizely. Previously, Asa was the engineering manager for Optimizely's Full Stack product, responsible for leading multiple cross-functional engineering teams in charge of Optimizely’s fastest growing product to enable companies to experiment more across websites, apps and every level of the stack. Prior to joining Optimizely, Asa worked at Microsoft as a software developer where he built the Internet Explorer site recommendation algorithm. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard University and is an avid breakdancer.

Blog Posts by Asa Schachar

December 07, 2020

5 best practices for server-side A/B testing

With feature rollouts, your application has the ability to simultaneously deliver two different experiences: one with the feature on and another with the feature off. But how do you know which one is better?
August 04, 2020

Feature flags: 3 use cases to deliver the best customer experiences

From CI/CD, to deployments, to killer user experiences, feature flags help you ship confidently and rollout gradually to minimize risk.
July 27, 2020

Powerful feature flags in Ruby

Feature flags enable a powerful continuous delivery process and provide a platform for progressive delivery with phased rollouts and A/B tests.
July 22, 2020

Feature Flags: 3 Use CaseaFeature flags: 3 use cases for smooth deploymentss for Smooth Deployments

From CI/CD, to deployments, to killer user experiences, feature flags help you build confidently and rollout gradually to minimize risk. But knowing where to start with integrating feature flags into your development cycle can be difficult.
June 04, 2020

Best Practices for Feature Flag Testing and QA

Ensuring your software works before your users try it out is paramount to building trustworthy solutions. A common way for engineering teams to ensure their software is running as expected is to have automated unit, integration, and end-to-end tests along with manual quality assurance. Feature flags are extremely useful tools to ship faster, more confidently.