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Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor is the Co-founder of Last Rev, an agency specializing in building custom solutions for enterprise customers. While at Optimizely he was the Web Development Manager on the Marketing team where he focused on how Optimizely uses Optimizely and building software that Marketing, Sales, and Success used including

Blog Posts by Brad Taylor

April 08, 2019

Building a Modern Marketing Stack at Optimizely: Personalization & Extensions

This is the second part in a 4-part series about how Optimizely has rearchitected our marketing stack to support experimentation and personalization. Read Part 1, Choosing a CMS. Our marketing team’s goal is to provide a website experience that helps each visitor understand how Optimizely can help them reach their business goals. Our hypothesis has
May 21, 2015

How to Wisely A/B Test WordPress Headlines With Optimizely

Love it or hate it, headline testing has proven to be a necessary tool for media sites to use in order to stay competitive in the quest for clicks. Testing every headline is a great way to increase clicks, engagements, and social shares and create a culture of testing and experimentation needed to survive in this fast-paced digital world. In this post, we walk through how publishers running their sites on WordPress can experiment with headlines using the Optimizely A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress.