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Hudson Arnold

Hudson is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Optimizely. He loves helping the world turn data into action through experience optimization, and the intersection of technology, business, design, and psychology it represents. He likes to spend his free time traveling, good food and wine, playing music, getting into nature, and connecting with people around him.

Blog Posts by Hudson Arnold

May 11, 2015

Prioritizing for Bacon (aka High ROI Tests) – in 1 Minute

My guess is that if you’re watching One Minute Mondays you’ve probably spent a ton of time looking around the web for great test ideas — so many ideas, that you don’t even know what to run next. That’s where prioritization comes in. How do we do that? It’s pretty simple. We want to estimate what the ROI of each test will be.
February 17, 2015

What’s Next? Steps For Prioritizing Your Experiment Backlog

Prioritization is a critical skill to master when building out a testing program. It’s about making smart choices and applying discipline to the decision-making process. In my experience helping companies build their test programs from scratch, as well as optimizing more mature programs, I’ve seen the benefits of adopting a rigorous prioritization scheme time and time again. Based on experience working with Optimizely customers, here are three crucial key steps to follow when bringing prioritization into your optimization strategy.