Julie Ritchie

Julie joined Optimizely in 2012 after being an Optimizely customer for many years. Today she is a Campaign Manager where she helps customers tell amazing stories about their accomplishments and learnings from experimentation.

Blog Posts by Julie Ritchie

June 13, 2017

How Early Adopters are Seeing Big Experimentation Impact

Measuring the true influence of your marketing initiatives on business growth has always been a tricky undertaking, especially in today’s multi-touch, hyper-competitive, lightning-paced digital marketplace. However, the practice of experimentation has become increasingly valuable in helping companies to solve this dilemma by allowing them to test, iterate, and ultimately double-down on the tactics that are
March 14, 2017

How an Experimentation Mindset Drives Innovation at IDEO

Today, customers have higher expectations than they ever have before. A recent IBM Institute survey reported that 76% of consumers expect organizations to understand their individual needs, meaning it is increasingly important for companies to be pushing the envelope of how they’re connecting with their customers on an individual basis. Competition is also fiercer than
January 05, 2017

How Asana Removed Uncertainty and Boosted Impact from their Website Redesign

Done right, website redesign projects can deliver measurable returns. But many sweat at the prospect of executing these high-stakes, high-visibility projects. After all, site redesigns are usually tied to new technology or company goals. That means a lot is riding on the project’s success. And let’s not forget: redesigns usually involve numerous stakeholders – each
December 22, 2016

3 Steps to Experiments with Business Impact

The Hotwire website serves millions of visitors per week, offering a lot of opportunities to experiment. For Hotwire, experimentation is more than just trying different button colors; it empowers their organization to learn about their customers and improve the product experience. During her session at Opticon Virtual Summit, Experimenting for Maximum Business Impact, Josephine Foucher,
December 21, 2016

Top Questions & Answers from the Meet Optimizely X Webinar Series

Optimizely recently hosted a webinar series, called Meet Optimizely X, to share how to experiment deeply and broadly–wherever your customers are in their journey. In total there were over 200+ questions that our product managers answered live. These questions illuminated Optimizely’s product roadmap, explained how to use multiple products on the Optimizely X platform concurrently,