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Kody O'Connell

Kody is a Developer Advocate at Optimizely in San Francisco. A mechanical engineer turned self-taught developer, Kody has worked in the iOS and full-stack communities for over 7 years. At Optimizely Kody helps create technical content like sample apps and documentation for progressive delivery and experimentation products used by companies like Atlassian, Microsoft, and IBM.

Blog Posts by Kody O'Connell

July 20, 2021

Welcome! Celebrating our newest Optimizely Most Valuable Professionals! 🎉

The Optimizely MVPs (a group of 70+ technical community contributors) have been busy writing code packages, how-to guides, and blog posts to help technical users get the most out of Optimizely products.
July 17, 2020

Kotlin and open-source: A conversation with Patxi Bocos

Hi I’m Kody O’Connell, Optimizely’s Developer Experience Advocate. I recently interviewed open source contributor Patxi Bocos about the Kotlin programming language and his contribution to open source with his project Poetimizely. Listen and/or read below to learn what Kotlin is, who is using it and why you should care.
February 24, 2020

Powerful Feature Flags in Swift + iOS

Feature flags allow you to slowly rollout a feature, rather than doing a risky big bang launch, and are extremely helpful when used in a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment. At Optimizely, we commonly use feature flags to reduce the risk of complicated deploys like rolling out new APIs. However, building a feature flagging