Patxi Bocos

Patxi Bocos is a passionate Senior Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience. He advocates for code quality, testing and functional programming, often posting about Kotlin and Android on Medium. He is also the owner/maintainer of poetimizely, a library for generating type safe accessors for Optimizely experiments and features. Aside from techie stuff, in his free time he enjoys road cycling, photography and videogames.

Blog Posts by Patxi Bocos

June 18, 2020

Announcing poetimizely library 📢

We love highlighting the great work folks are doing in progressive delivery & experimentation. Recently, our customer Patxi Bocos created a a library that generates type safe accessors for experiments and features of a given Optimizely project. We wanted to repost his Medium article with his library to share with our broader community. Take a