Ryan Lillis

Ryan Lillis is a former Website Optimization and Digital Marketing strategist. Formerly with Adobe/Omniture, Ryan joined Optimizely in August 2012 because he was blown away by Optimizely's testing platform and believes it represents the future of website optimization.

Blog Posts by Ryan Lillis

May 01, 2015

An Interview with an Optimizer at Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises takes optimization seriously. The cruise line, part of the Carnival Corporation, has a team dedicated to A/B testing and optimization of the shopping and booking experience on princess.com. In this interview we talk with E-Commerce Project Manager, Abel Ramos about how test ideas can come from anywhere (even cruise guests), why patience is vital for optimization, what he’s excited to share as a speaker at Opticon 2015 and more.
January 21, 2014

The Top 4 Optimization Challenges Facing E-commerce Companies in 2014 (and How to Overcome them)

For e-commerce companies, it’s not always a lack of desire, but a host of internal blockades that prevent a testing program from getting off the ground. Today we’ll look at pitfalls encountered most often by large e-commerce companies and offer solutions based on what we’ve seen work at Optimizely.
January 06, 2014

A/B Testing for Validation, Not Conversions

As a strategic optimization consultant, it’s my job to help companies generate A/B test ideas that will either increase conversion rates or help answer questions. Sometimes, when I offer a test idea, I hear this reply: “We can’t test that because it would require too much work on our backend,” or “We would never design our page like this variation so we won’t test it.” My response: still test it.
December 10, 2013

Test Idea: Variations of Return Policy Messaging on Product Pages

It’s inevitable that millions of dollars of worth of merchandise purchased for holiday gifts this year will be returned to the stores/fulfillment centers from which it came. Emphasizing an easy return policy directly on the product page is a simple experiment that could increase purchases.
November 01, 2013

How USA Today Can Increase Pageviews on Free Content with A/B Testing

For media sites like USA Today that don’t require a paying subscription, the challenge is to find ways to make it as easy and compelling as possible to spend more time on the site because engagement (e.g. pageviews) is the key to driving higher revenue. Increased site engagement is the key to driving higher revenue through ad impressions.<br /> There are a few key places publishers with free content, such as usatoday.com, can test to increase pageviews. Let’s dive in.