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Sammy Lee

Sammy is a Machine Learning Engineer at Optimizely, where he works on products such as Stats Accelerator and Recommendations. Outside of work he enjoys exploring the food scene in the Bay Area and playing ultimate frisbee.

Blog Posts by Sammy Lee

April 29, 2020

Improvements to Stats Accelerator’s Accelerate Impact and Accelerate Learnings

Customer feedback helped us identify and address the core confusion in understanding the distinction between Accelerate Learnings and Accelerate Impact.
November 07, 2018

Stats Accelerator — The When, Why, and How

This content originally appeared on Medium. What is Stats Accelerator and why use it? When a customer sets up an A/B/n test using Optimizely, they choose what percentage of visitors (or samples) will be exposed to each of the test’s variations. This is the test’s traffic allocation. The traffic allocation stays the same, unless a customer manually changes